Goals & Objectives

Overview of 2015-16 Club Year

Below is a summary of the Janesville Noon Lions Club’s goals and objectives for the period between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016:

  1. Committees
    1. Blend new members and change committee memberships to enhance 2015-16 committees.
    2. Merge some committees to remove duplication and improve service.
  2. Develop Leo Clubs at Parker and Craig High Schools
    1. Proposal completed; second meeting in Sept. 2015.
  3. Club exposure development
    1. Public info and club promotion through new committee.
    2. Action plans to be developed by committee.
  4. Membership growth advancement
    1. Activate “Ask” program.
    2. Utilize all membership types, i.e. Honorary, Affiliate, etc.
  5. Continue development of Lions Beach
    1. Community Development, Park Development, and Projects committees to work with city vendors to develop a finalized project.
  6. Advance utilization of webmaster
    1. Link club’s Facebook page to area clubs, chamber pages, etc.
    2. Webmaster to work with committees (i.e. Eye Bank Transport, Rose Sale, Public Info, Chicken Roast) to promote and advance club activities.
    3. Consider expanding
  7. Raffle license
    1. Obtain and maintain a state raffle license for club projects.
  8. Chicken Roast
    1. Obtain a location at the Rock County Fairgrounds for project.
    2. Establish a rental program for the chicken roaster.
    3. Develop chicken roaster projects at additional locations.
  9. Develop new Janesville Noon Lions Club promotional brochure.
  10. Scholarships
    1. Add mandatory (one) scholarship to the Janesville School for the Blind and Visually Impaired.
    2. Consideration for additional scholarship(s).
  11. Add summary of club and board meeting minutes to newsletter.
  12. Review annual budget with Board of Directors.
  13. Club President to meet with all committee chairpersons by Sept. 30.

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